Guidelines for multinational enterprises

Investment and climate change


Transition to a low-carbon economy: Public goals and corporate practices  
30 November 2010

This report surveys responsible business practices addressing climate change and driving the shift to a low-carbon economy. It summarises policies, regulations and other instruments in support of a low-carbon economy, and analyses corporate responses to these drivers.

This report contains the results of a project launched in 2008 on “Engaging the private sector in support of a low carbon future” which analysed good government policies and responsible business practices to enhance the contribution of private and international investment to reducing carbon emissions.

Jointly managed by the Environment Policy Committee and the Investment Committee, the project was built around 2 pillars:

1. Good government policies

Reviewing and analysing government policies to leverage the private sector’s contribution to reducing GHG emissions, building on the OECD’s understanding of good investment and environment practices, such as those in the OECD Policy Framework for Investment.

2. Responsible business conduct

Building on principles of responsible business conduct as identified the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the report reviews 3 areas of corporate action:

  • disclosure of climate change information
  • corporate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • corporate engagement of suppliers, consumers and stakeholders

Stakeholders contributed to the development of the report through a series of consultations: OECD Conference on Corporate Responsibility , 2010 OECD Roundtable on Corporate Responsibility, Regional Roundtable and the 2010 ADBI-OECD Roundtable on Asia's Policy Framework for Investment.

This work is part of a project with UNCTAD, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board, and the Global Reporting Initiative on consistency of climate change reporting.


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