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Workshop on corporate climate change reporting: towards consistent and targeted schemes


15 February 2012 - OECD Conference Centre, Paris


This technical workshop was organised as part of the joint OECD, UNCTAD, CDSB and GRI project that takes stock of existing climate change reporting schemes and investigates ways to render them more useful for governments, investors and companies.

This workshop gathered experts to share knowledge and practical experience with existing green house gas (GHG) emission measurement and reporting methodologies. Its aim was to better understand where divergences and inefficient targeting of reporting requirements may lead to additional cost and complexity; and explore ways to address these problems.


The workshop was divided into three sessions:

  • Session 1: What are the GHG information needs for governments, investors and business?
  • Session 2: How do the existing GHG reporting schemes respond to the information needs of governments, business and investors? 
  • Session 3: The way forward: Is more consistency between existing corporate GHG emission reporting schemes needed?

The outcomes of the workshop feed into the joint report on corporate climate change reporting by OECD, UNCTAD, CDSB and GRI to be presented on the occasion of the Rio + 20 Conference in June 2012.



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