Investment for development

The Investment Environment in the Russian Federation: Laws, Policies and Institutions


After the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1992, the Russian Federation promptly proceeded with initial economic reform measures and privatisation programmes which were largely completed by 1994. Despite the creation of a basic corporate sector, many structural reforms remained incomplete, limiting inflows of foreign investment.

Following the financial crisis in 1998, Russia has been in a period of stabilisation and is now showing signs of output recovery fuelled by favourable external economic conditions. A new economic reform programme was introduced in mid-2000, promising the rationalisation of many existing state and legislative structures and the reorganisation of federal and regional powers with a view to creating a modern competitive environment in a more unified economic space.

Foreign investment will be vital for Russia's economic revival and the Russian government has taken up the challenge of improving the legal and regulatory environment to attract investment inflows needed to upgrade Russia's production facilities, infrastructure and labour skills. The pace and progress of reform is being followed with considerable interest worldwide.

This publication provides a timely analysis of the evolving environment for foreign investment in the Russian Federation and draws attention to problem areas affecting the investment climate such as inadequate protection of investors' contractual and property rights. A key element of the publication is a set of policy conclusions and recommendations to create a more hospitable environment for investment, both domestic and foreign.

Chapter One can be downloaded in pdf file format: The Institutional and Policy Environment for Investment: Summary and Recommendations .

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