Investment for development

OECD and the International Conference on Financing for Development


The UN International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD) took place in Monterrey, Mexico, from 18-22 March 2002. The event provided an historic opportunity to address development through the perspective of finance, as well as the mobilization of financial resources for the full implementation of the action plans agreed to at major United Nations conferences of the 1990s.

The objective was to find innovative and effective ways to address the many issues affecting the financing of development in an holistic manner in the context of globalisation and interdependence. More specifically, the conference addressed six themes: Domestic Resources Mobilisation; International Resources Mobilisation; International Trade; International Financial Co-operation (aid); External Debt and Systemic Issues.

The conference relied on unprecedented collaboration between international organisations, public and private sectors, and civil society in its preparatory and recommendations phases.

The OECD is an active participant in the FfD process. Many FfD issues are addressed in OECD through multidisciplinary policy analysis and dialogue between member countries and other stakeholders (non-member countries, private sector and civil society).  The outcome of such dialogues is intended to contribute to the follow up to the Conference.

Many of these discussions are organised within the framework of the OECD Global Forums, an OECD-wide effort. The Global Forums address clearly focused policy topics (agriculture; competition; governance; international investment; knowledge economy; sustainable development; taxation and trade) : emphasising continuity and sustained results while aiming to develop stable, active networks of policy makers in both Member and non-Member economies. Regional and Country Programmes consist of more targeted co-operation with non-Members in three geographic areas: Asia; Europe and Central Asia; and South America.

For further information about the FfD process, see the website for the UN International Conference on Financing for Development


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