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2nd ICGLR-OECD-UN meeting on implementation of due diligence for responsible mineral supply chains


29-30 November 2011 - OECD Conference Centre, Paris


This multi-stakeholder meeting provided a forum for discussion on how best to implement the OECD-UN due diligence recommendations in the tin, tantalum and tungsten (3Ts) supply chain.


OECD, ICGLR and other partner countries, the UN GoE, industry stakeholders at various levels of the 3Ts supply chain, and international and African-based civil society organisations convened to:

  • Discuss the baseline reports on due diligence implementation in the 3Ts supply chain. These reports are intended to lay down the foundations for the future building blocks of the pilot exercise to ensure continuous improvement of corporate due diligence practices; 
  • Share experience for mutual learning purposes, identify bottlenecks and brainstorm on possible practical solutions;
  • Distil emerging best practices, including implementing tools and innovative initiatives designed to operationalise the OECD Due Diligence Guidance and the UN GoE’s due diligence guidelines;
  • Coordinate action amongst existing initiatives on conflict-free minerals as well as donor-supported programs in the Great Lakes Region to maximise positive development impact through effective coordination;
  • Explore the merit of developing additional implementing tools to assist companies with due diligence implementation (i.e. indicators to measure improvement, model risk management plans, reporting templates etc).

This meeting follows the ICGLR-OECD joint Regional Workshop on Due Diligence for Responsible Mineral Supply chains on 10 November 2011 where the ICGLR Members States, the OECD and other stakeholders discussed how the Great Lakes Region can support due diligence efforts.

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29 November 2011

30 November 2011

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