Investment for development

1st ASEAN-OECD Investment Policy Conference


18-19 November 2010 - ASEAN Headquarters, Jakarta, Indonesia

Co-organised by ASEAN and OECD, this conference brought together participants from OECD member countries and ASEAN member states, representatives from international and regional organisations, academia and civil society groups, to discuss:

  • experiences with investment policy reforms
  • ways to achieve a better investment environment
  • the role of international investment agreements in Southeast Asia

ASEAN economies have greatly benefited from both domestic and foreign direct investment. Open outward-oriented policies have enabled ASEAN economies to join international production networks by exploiting comparative advantage. In addition to individual countries’ unilateral efforts to improve the investment climate, ASEAN has been moving forward on its regional integration agenda to create a free and open investment regime in ASEAN.


Many OECD economies have close economic relationships with ASEAN economies including in the area of investment. These relationships have been also strengthened through ASEAN plus arrangements as well as free trade agreements between ASEAN and several economies. In supporting ASEAN’s objective to enhance its competitiveness in attracting foreign direct investment, the OECD is engaged in co-operation programmes with ASEAN member governments. This conference is part of the continuing and deepening dialogue between ASEAN and OECD to share experience and good practice in investment policies. 


Conference documents


Session I - Policy reforms and investment attractiveness in ASEAN and OECD

Session II - Achieving a better investment environment in ASEAN

Session III - International investment agreements (IIAs) in ASEAN

Concluding Remarks and Next Steps


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