Investment policy

Investment policy reform in Viet Nam


The government of Viet Nam, in partnership with the OECD and ASEAN, is undertaking a second Investment Policy Review as part of an active programme of investment policy reforms.

This review will assess the investment climate in Viet Nam, including the institutional and legislative framework for investment. It will focus on policy options in the areas of investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, responsible business conduct, infrastructure and corporate governance, and will propose measures to help boost both foreign and domestic investment.

This review is taking place within the framework of the ASEAN-OECD Investment Programme, and follows on from the country's first comprehensive investment policy review in 2009.



March OECD mission to Viet Nam to kick-off the Investment Policy Review and meet with the country Task Force.  
April-July Government prepares answers to a tailored questionnaire based on the Policy Framework for Investment which will define the scope of the review.
July Second OECD fact-finding mission to Viet Nam to discuss answers to the questionnaire.
Aug-Dec OECD prepares draft review.


April OECD-Viet Nam seminar with ministries and stakeholders in Hanoi to discuss the draft review.
April-July Government comments on the draft review.

Presentation of draft review to the OECD Investment Committee in Paris.

Revised draft review circulated for comment.



Release of the Investment Policy Review.

Follow-up Results presented at regional/sub-regional level including the Regional Policy Network for Investment under the OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme to share experiences among countries using the PFI, along with other activities to support the implementation of the government's reforms..


Policy Framework for Investment

2009 Viet Nam-OECD Investment Policy Review  

List of all country investment policy reviews  

ASEAN-OECD Investment Programme 





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