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Symposium on Making the Most of International Investment Agreements: A Common Agenda


Paris, France, 12 December 2005

ICSID, OECD and UNCTAD are three organisations which play significant and complementary roles at the international level in the field of investment agreements, whether monitoring and analysing investment agreements and disputes or acting as a secretariat of a dispute settlement forum.

This Symposium was organised jointly by ICSID, OECD and UNCTAD. Its purpose was for non-governmental actors to share their perspectives on emerging investment arbitration issues identified by governments and their international organisations; to explore and advance the agenda which developed and developing country parties to investment agreements have in common; and to consider ways for the three organisations and other interested institutions to best work together and respond to the needs of their members and the investment community.

The Symposium addressed the following issues:

  • Recent developments in investment arbitration.
  • Specific challenging issues of jurisdictional and substantive nature facing the parties in investor-state dispute settlement procedures.
  • Possible ways for improving the system of investment arbitration.
  • Co-operation among international organisations active in this field.


Further reading

  • International Investment Law: A Changing Landscape, OECD, 2005 [ English / français ]

Symposium organisers

OECD - Mrs Katia Yannaca-Small, Advisor on International Investment Law
Tel: 00 33-1 45 24 7947; 

UNCTAD - Mrs Anna Joubin-Bret, Senior Legal Advisor and Technical Assistance Coordinator, Division on Investment, Technology and Enterprise Development
Tel: 00 41 22 907 5897;


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