Investment policy

Policies for investment in Africa's agriculture


Many African countries are attractive destinations for agricultural investment. African governments are working to strengthen their capacities to design policies that will enhance the development returns of more and better investment in the sector.


The NEPAD-OECD Africa Investment Initiative is working to support efforts by African countries to identify priority areas for reforms that enhance the policy framework for investment in agriculture by:

  • supporting country-level projects based on a draft policy framework for investment in agriculture
  • sharing regional and international experiences through high level meetings and expert roundtables 
  • organising training workshops for using multilaterally-backed investment policy tools adapted to African country requirements
  • providing a forum for regional policy co-operation and dialogue based on comprehensive, coherent and process-oriented policy assessments
In collaboration with African governments, the Policy Framework for Investment in Agriculture is a sector-specific application of the OECD Policy Framework for Investment (PFI). It allows governments to evaluate how existing policies impact on the investment climate for the agriculture sector, including the risks and opportunities for national, regional and international investment, helping them to identify and implement concrete reforms.


 Burkina Faso (lien en français) has applied this guidance to assess its policy framework for agricultural investment and it is currently being used by the government of Tanzania to identify short to medium-term reforms in the sector.

Documents and links

The draft Policy Framework for Investment in Agriculture (PDF)

The Policy Framework for Investment


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Partner organisations

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