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OECD Integrity Forum 2015


Curbing Corruption - Investing in Growth 
OECD Conference Centre, Paris, 25-26 March 2015

The 2015 OECD Integrity Forum united and engaged policy makers, businesses, civil society, academia and other concerned parties to identify new approaches to preventing, detecting and sanctioning corruption.

Debates reviewed existing anti-corruption mechanisms across the investment policy cycle and explore good practices in mitigating corruption and ensuring that investment remains pertinent and efficient for stakeholders.

Exposing the links between investment and corruption

  • Public and private investment are essential to long-term economic growth. Yet corruption remains a persistent obstacle preventing countries from obtaining the full benefits of public and private investment.

  • Corruption distorts the quality, composition and productivity of physical capital, and seriously undermines investment.

  • Corruption is an indirect tax levied on investors at the expense of the public good. It also increases the cost of investment contributing to unsuitable, defective, and dangerous infrastructure.

  • Investors are adverse to countries with insufficient safeguards against corruption.

On the table...

  • How corruption puts the brakes on growth

  • When special interests hijack the public good

  • Putting a finger on the points of capture

  • Developing resistance to aid capture

  • Trust and business, playing by the (new) rulebook

  • The anti-corruption clause: giving claws to investment treaties

  • Concrete measures for corruption-free infrastructure investment

  • Levelling the road to clean infrastructure investment

  • Sub-national investment needs world-class anti-corruption controls

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Background document

Blog: The policy maker’s guide to graft

Closing remarks


OECD Conference Centre

OECD Integrity Week 2015
23-26 March 2015

Integrity Week is an annual event organised by the OECD and its CleanGovBiz Initiative to actively support governments and organisations in their efforts to strengthen integrity, build trust, and fight corruption. 

Meetings taking place throughout the week addressed a wide range of integrity-related issues, including:


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