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FDI in the first quarter of 2023

 July 2023 update:

  • Preliminary estimates in Q1 2023 show global FDI flows[1] tripled from very low levels recorded in Q4 2022, reaching USD 440 billion.[2]  However, on a year-on-year basis, global FDI flows remained 25% below the level recorded in Q1 2022.


Global FDI flows remained 25% below their level recorded in Q1 2022

(USD bn)

 Source: OECD International Direct Investment Statistics database.


  • Top recipients of FDI inflows worldwide in the first quarter of 2023 were the United States (USD 109 billion), Brazil (USD 21 billion), and China (USD 21 billion).
  • Top sources of FDI outflows worldwide were the United States (USD 110 billion), Germany (USD 57 billion) and China (USD 50 billion).
  • OECD FDI inflows reached USD 185 billion in Q1 2023, up from negative levels recorded in Q4 2022.2 However, they were 38% below their level recorded in Q1 2022.
  • OECD FDI outflows increased seven-fold in Q1 2023, to USD 359 billion, compared to historically low levels recorded in Q4 2022.However, on a year-on-year basis, OECD FDI outflows decreased by 25% compared to Q1 2022.

The dataset can be downloaded here.


[1] By definition, inward and outward FDI worldwide should be equal, but in practice, there are statistical discrepancies between inward and outward FDI. Unless otherwise specified, references to ‘global FDI flows’ refer to the average of these two figures.

[2] Global FDI flows dropped to USD 143 billion in  Q4 2022,  largely impacted by important withdrawals of capital by a telecommunication MNE operating in Luxembourg. As a results, OECD FDI inflows dropped to negative levels, and OECD FDI outflows dropped to their lower historical levels in Q4 2022. See FDI in Figures – April 2023.






Global FDI flows slowed down in 2022, but new investment showed modest growth

28/04/2023 - Global FDI flows dropped by 24% in 2022 (or by 5%, excluding Luxembourg), to USD 1 286 billion, compared to the previous year. The United States remained the top destination for FDI inflows worldwide (USD 318 billion), followed by China (USD 180 billion), despite lower flows. Cross-border M&A activity slowed down with fewer deals being concluded and the outlook for greenfield investment activity remained positive.



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