Public debt management

2nd OECD Forum on African Public Debt Management


12-13 December 2007, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The OECD Forum on African Public Debt Management aimed to develop a policy dialogue with, and among, African debt managers, central bankers, and other financial officials involved in public debt management and government bond markets. Through the policy dialogue, African debt managers and policymakers can enhance their understanding of sound policies and practices in modern and professional public debt management, as well as the development of robust local government bond markets. These activities take on greater importance, in particular, as many countries take advantage of debt reduction initiatives and seek to avoid falling back into positions of unsustainable debt. Moreover, through the forum, African debt managers and policymakers get efficient and well-structured access to the worldwide OECD-led global knowledge network of debt managers.

Like the forum last year, this year’s meeting focused on specific problems, issues, and debt management policies of particular relevance to African countries, in both North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. This year’s forum examined, in particular, (i) the integration of African government bond markets into the world financial landscape and the additional challenges that this creates for African debt managers and financial policymakers; (ii) the costs, risks, and likely trend of non-market funding, as well as the problems that an ongoing reliance on non-market funding poses for developing the local bond market and, more generally, moving toward more market-based funding practices; and (iii) the linkages between the objectives, roles, instruments, and accountabilities of debt management, monetary policy, and fiscal policy.


Summary Record


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