Public debt management

1st Meeting of the OECD Forum on African Public Debt Management


7-8 December 2006, Amsterdam

The first OECD Forum on African Public Debt Management was organised under the aegis of the OECD Working Party on Debt Management (WPDM) and sponsored by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).  The forum focused on specific local African problems, challenges, and debt management issues. It also aimed to acquaint African Debt Managers with OECD best practices in public debt management and government securities, as well as include them in the OECD WPDM-led global network of debt managers. This initiative will enhance collaboration and raise critical issues about ensuring sustainable debt management.


Opening Session: Welcome speeches

Session II: Main issues for discussion

Overview of suggested main issues by OECD Secretariat

Panel discussion:
Johan Krynauw, Director, Debt Operations, MoF, South Africa
Funmi Ilamah, Director Portfolio Strategy and Risk Management, MoF, Nigeria
Haron Sirima, Deputy Director, Debt Management Department, MoF, Kenya
Wasswa Kajubi, Deputy Director, Domestic Financial Markets, Bank of Uganda
Anna Msutze, Director - Debt Management Programme, MEFMI

Session III: The role of central banks

Panel of African central bankers
Vandraduth Googoolye, First Deputy Governor, Bank of Mauritius
Kajubi Wasswa, Deputy Director, Domestic Financial Markets, Bank of Uganda
Judith Ndissi, Deputy Director Domestic Financial Markets, Bank of Tanzania

Comments by OECD debt managers
Andras Réz, General Manager, Debt Management Agency, Hungary
Gerhard Schleif, Managing Director, German Finance Agency, Germany
Marek Szczerbak, Head of the Public Debt Strategy, MoF, Poland

Session IV.A:Development,formulation and implementation of debt management strategy

Panel discussion
Emre Tekmen, Head of Section, Undersecretariat of Treasury, MoF, Turkey
Ove Jensen, Head of Government Debt Management, National Bank, Denmark
Tomas Kapusta, Head of Department Debt Management, MoF, Slovak Republic

Session IV.B:What are the extra (development) challenges, complexities and obstacles faced by African debt managers?

Panel discussion
Msafiri Nampesya, Tanzania, Principal Economist, Bank of Tanzania
Garth Greubel, CEO Bond Exchange, South Africa
Georges Diffo Nigtiopop, Responsable du Pôle Régional de Formation en gestion de dette en Afrique du Centre et de l'Ouest, BEAC
Jackson Kitili, Director, Monetary Operations and Debt Management Department, Central Bank, Kenya

Comments by World bank and IMF
Anne-Maria Gulde-Wolf, Assistant Director, African Department, IMF
Philip Anderson, Principal Financial Officer/Sovereign Debt, World Bank

Session V: The management of contingent liabilities

The perspective of the OECD Working Party on Debt Management on Guarantees
Phakamani Hadebe, Deputy Director-General, MoF, South Africa

Session VI: Policy recommendations and wrap-up

Abha Prasad, Consultant, World Bank 


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