Public debt management

12th OECD-World Bank Group-IMF Global Bond Market Forum


5-6 May 2011 - OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France


The OECD, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank Group hosted the Twelfth OECD-World Bank Group-IMF Global Bond Market Forum in Paris on 5-6 May 2011.


This joint annual forum provides an important platform for public debt managers, other policymakers, and market participants to discuss latest developments in global bond markets and understand emerging issues.

This year’s Forum assumed greater importance in light of the financial crisis and its impact on market functioning and debt levels. 

Meeting Documents

Opening Remarks

Session I
IMF_Assuring durable market access
POLAND _Assuring durable market access - the Polish experience

Session II

OECD_Proposals for structured finance securitisation and covered bonds



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