Funded and private pensions

Retirement savings adequacy


OECD-EU project on saving for retirement and the role of private pensions in retirement readiness


Are people saving enough for retirement? Are private pensions fulfilling their complementary role in providing for retirement? Should policy makers introduce measures to increase retirement savings or to postpone retirement? Should these measures be targeted to specific population subgroups?


These are some of the policy questions that require urgent answers to make sure that adequate policies are implemented to improve future retirees’ savings and thus their retirement well-being.


This project, which ended in 2015, investigated whether people are saving enough for retirement and examine the role that private pensions can play in the retirement readiness of the working age population. The study assessed how much individuals have to finance retirement, focusing on the role of private savings. This meant examining how much individuals have to finance retirement by combining all possible sources of retirement income and savings (i.e. public pensions, occupational, private pensions, and other savings such as private savings and housing) and then comparing retirement income with a suitable reference point. Chile, France, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States participated in the project




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