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OECD-ADBI High-Level Panel on Institutional Investors and Long-term Investment Financing


13 March 2015, Tokyo, Japan

This event was organised to inform and discuss the implications for facilitating long-term investment in the Asian region, and how the region might respond to the broader economic growth agenda by better addressing long-term investment financing.


This High-Level Panel was co-organised by the OECD and ADBI (Asian Development Bank Institute) and took place witihin the framework of the OECD project on institutional investors and long-term investment.

Discussions covered:

  • Investing for the long-term: Challenges and opportunities
  • Diversification in alternative assets: The case for infrastructure as an asset class
  • The role of capital markets in long-term investment
  • Next steps for long-term investment financing in Asia

In addition to bringing together the world’s largest institutional investors, senior government officials from OECD and developing countries, regulators, and representatives from other industries participated in this event.



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- Agenda

- Information Note

- Summary of Discussion



Ms. Morven Alexander, OECD
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Ms. Miyuki Izumiyama
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The OECD Long-term Investment Project




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