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Workshop on Data Collection for Sustainable Infrastructure – Infrastructure Data Initiative


2 November 2017 - Paris, France


Developing Benchmarks and Data Collection for Infrastructure Investment – an Agenda for the G20: 

As part of the next  G20/OECD Task Force on Institutional Investors and Long-term Financing the OECD will be holding a Workshop on Data Collection for Long-term Investment on Thursday the 2nd of November, from 9.30am to 1pm at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.

The discussion will build on relevant work including proposals for a potential research agenda made in the OECD note: “Breaking Silos: Actions to Develop Infrastructure as an Asset Class and Address the Information Gap”. It will also follow-up on the “Infrastructure Data Initiative” jointly presented by the EIB, LTIC, GIH and OECD during the last .

Participants will be invited to discuss the various areas covered by the Infrastructure Data Initiative. Topics of the workshop will include:

  • Update on the Data Collection Initiative and  G20 Context
  • Developing Financial Performance Benchmark for Infrastructure
  • Economic and financial viability of Infrastructure projects – impact assessment
  • ESG Performance Benchmarks

The agenda and more details will be circulated in due course.





OECD Project on Institutional Investors and Long-Term Investment

G20-OECD work on long-term financing






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