Financial education and consumer protection

2017 Financial education and financial consumer protection events in Latin America and the Caribbean


11-14 December 2017  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

OECD and CVM Brazil hosted a series of events addressing the most recent trends, opportunities and challenges in financial education, financial consumer protection and financial innovation, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 11-14 December 2017.  High-level participants from Latin America and the Caribbean and from around the world included officials and experts from the OECD/International Network on Financial Education (INFE), the G20/OECD Task Force on Financial Consumer Protection, ministries of finance and education, central banks, regulatory and supervisory authorities, governmental officials, as well as international organisations, the academic community, the private sector and NGOs.


DAY 1 and DAY 2

Annual meeting of the OECD CVM Centre on Financial Education and Literacy in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

This was the first meeting of the newly created LAC Regional Network of the OECD International Network on Financial Education. The meeting is open to member public financial authorities from the region.  

This was followed by a regional seminar on financial education trends in the LAC region. Debates covered:

  • State of play, innovations and challenges in the LAC region

  • Advances in Financial Literacy Research: Annamaria Lusardi, Chair of the OECD/INFE Research Committee

  • Financial Well-Being: keynote by the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and use of the measure in Brazil 

  • PISA Financial Literacy: Presentation and analysis of the latest data from LAC accompanied by discussions on how the PISA data can inform evidence-based public policy and school programmes

  • Digital Financial Literacy:  Use of digital tools to deliver financial education and how to empower consumers given the spread of digital financial services

  • Financial Education Programmes for Vulnerable Groups in the context of social programmes 

  • Empowering women through financial education: experiences from and outside of LAC 
  • The impact of culture on financial literacy and behaviours



G20/OECD Task Force Research Seminar on Financial Consumer Protection

Co-organised by CVM and the G20/OECD Task Force on Financial Consumer Protection, this seminar focused on the latest issues, research and developments around the globe relating to:

  • current issues relating to financial consumer protection issues in the field of consumer credit

  • data privacy developments relating to financial consumer protection

  • implementation of the G20/OECD High-level Principles on Financial Consumer Protection



Seminar on Technology and Innovation in the Brazilian and Latin American Financial Sector

This seminar provided a regional view on the development of Fintech in LAC (trends and business segments, investment and scaling potential, as well as regulation), the role of the public sector, as well as the latest trends in alternative finance in LAC and its implications for SME financing. The seminar was co-organised by the Inter-American Development Bank, the OECD, CVM, and the Brazilian Development Association (ABDE).



Agenda Day 1 and Day 2 

Speaker's presentations:

Financial Literacy Research

  • Prof. Annamaria Lusardi, Academic Director, GFLEC, George Washington University, Washington DC., US, Chair of OECD/INFE Reseach Committee 

 State of play, innovations and challenges in the LAC Region

The impact of culture in financial literacy and behaviours

Keynote Panel on Financial well-being by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, United States

Financial education for women in LAC and beyond: what have we learnt and what can we achieve

  • Floor Elize Knoote, Founder & Senior Consultant at Dimes, Netherlands
  • Hilda Garcia, ProMujer Argentina
  • Hans Landolt Pardo, Comité Latinoamericano de Educación e Inclusión Financiera de la Federación Latinoamericana de Bancos, and Banks Association of Peru (ASBANC)

Advances in financial education for low-income groups in Brazil

  • Dr. Johannes Doll, School of Education, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Dr. Dany Rogers Silva, Coordinator, Financial Education Center at Federal University of Uberlândia
  • Myrian Lund, Financial Planner, Sistema de Cooperativas de Crédito do Brasil, SICOOB

PISA Financial Literacy

Digital Financial Literacy


Agenda Day 3




Mr. Andrea Grifoni


G20/OECD Task Force

Mr. Miles Larbey





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