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National Strategies for Financial Literacy


The OECD and its International Network on Financial Education conducts research and develops tools to support policy makers and public authorities to design and implement national strategies for financial education.


Evaluation of National Strategies for Financial Literacy

Evaluation and monitoring are essential elements of assessing the effectiveness of public policies, benchmarking against desired outcomes, and helping to enact evidence-based actions to improve these policies. National strategies for financial literacy are complex, multi-year, multi-stakeholder public policy projects that can strongly benefit from comprehensive evaluation designs.

This report summarises and draws lessons from the evaluation approaches and activities of 29 countries and economies that are part of the OECD International Network for Financial Education. It provides implementation guidance on the evaluation of their national strategies for financial literacy. It also discusses reasons for evaluating national strategies, good practice approaches and methodologies, associated challenges and benefits, as well as funding the cost of evaluation.

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Date of publication: 21 February 2022


National Strategies for Financial Education
OECD/INFE Policy Handbook 

The policy handbook supports governments and key stakeholders in mature and emerging economies in addressing challenges linked to the implementation of national strategies for financial education. It provides an overview of the status of national strategies worldwide, an analysis of relevant practices and case studies and identifies key lessons learnt. The policy handbook also includes a checklist for action, intended as a self-assessment tool for governments and public authorities.

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Date of publication: 15 November 2015


Advancing National Strategies for Financial Education

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors confirmed their interest in these issues and called for the OECD, under the aegis of the Russia’s G20 presidency, to prepare a progress report on the development of national strategies. The resulting joint publication by Russia’s G20 Presidency and the OECD entitled Advancing National Strategies for Financial Education monitors progress by the governments of the world’s major economies in implementing national strategies for improving financial education. This study was launched by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurría, at the G20 Summit in Saint Petersburg on 5 September 2013. 

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Date of publication: 5 September 2013


OECD/INFE High-level Principles on National Strategies for Financial Education

G20 Leaders endorsed the High-level Principles on National Strategies for Financial Education developed by the OECD/INFE in 2012.



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Digital Financial Literacy in Portugal (2023)


A National Financial Literacy Strategy for Austria (2021)

OECD/INFE Guidelines for Private and not-for-profit Stakeholders in Financial Education (2014)
Current Status of National Strategies for Financial Education: A Comparative Analysis and Relevant Practices (2012)


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