Reducing regulatory restrictions on competition

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OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit


Articles, Papers and Conference Materials

Reforming Rules and Regulations: Laws, Institutions and Implementation (2008), CES-ifo
Workshop on Competition Assessment (OECD toolkit) (2008), Competition Commission of India

Description of Systems
Restrictions on Competition (2008), Australian Office of Best Practice Regulation

Better Regulation, European Commission

The OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit in Mexico (2008) [ English / Español ], Eduardo Pérez Motta


Best Practices, Guidelines

RIA Guidance Material (2007), Australian Office of Best Practice Regulation

Preliminary Assessment Form (2007), Australian Office of Best Practice Regulation

Best Practice Regulation Handbook (2007), Australian Office of Best Practice Regulation

Guide for Ministerial Council and Standard Setting Bodies (2007), Australian Office of Best Practice Regulation

Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission, Australia

Impact Assessment Guidelines (2005), European Commission

Competition Assessment Toolkit (2010), Korea Fair Trade Commission

Recommendations to public authorities for more efficient and pro-competitive market regulation (2008), Spanish Competition Authority

A guide to Competition Assessment (2009), Spanish Competition Authority

Action for Better Competition (2009), Swedish Competition Authority

Competition Assessment Framework (2008), U.K. Department for International Development

Completing competition assessment in Impact Assesments (2007), U.K. Office of Fair Trading

Circular A-4: Regulatory Analysis (2003), U.S. Office of Management and Budget


Compete to Win (2008), Canadian Competition Policy Review Panel



List of impact Assessments - Planned and Carried Out, European Commission


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