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The OECD Competition Open Day offers every year a unique opportunity to discuss cutting-edge topics recently addressed by the OECD Competition Committee. The fourth edition of the event was held virtually on 23 February and dealt with Green Innovation, Competitive Neutrality and the Role of the State in the Market, Regulation and Competition Enforcement in Digital Markets and Media and Digital Platforms. 


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This is a free online event open to the broad competition community and those interested in the work of the OECD on competition, including legal practitioners, economists, consultants, in-house counsel, regulators, academics and the media. To ensure you receive the latest updates on the OECD Competition Open Day, sign-up for email alerts, or follow us on the OECD Competition Law and Policy LinkedIn page.



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Key topics

Green Innovation and Competition     More materials • Watch the session on replay

Competitive Neutrality and the Role of the State in the Market     More materials • Watch the session on replay

Regulation and Competition Enforcement in Digital Markets     More materials • Watch the session on replay

Competition, Media and Digital Platforms     More materials • Watch the session on replay


Watch the full playlist of the event or explore each different session below. 

Opening session

Panel 1. Green innovation and competition

Panel 2. Competitive Neutrality and the Role of the State

Keynote address by Joseph Stiglitz

Panel 3. Regulation and Competition Enforcement in Digital Markets

Panel 4. Competition, Media & Digital Platforms and Concluding Remarks

Key materials

E‌nvironmental Considerations
in Competition Enforcement

T‌he Promotion of Competitive
Neutrality by Competition Authorities

‌Ex Ante Regulation and Competition
in Digital Markets


Competition Issues concerning
News Media and Digital Platforms

OECD handbook on competition policy in the digital age (cover) 

O‌ECD Handbook on Competition
Policy in the Digital Age

Web version

Watch a video on the handbook

OECD Competition Trends 2022 Cover

OECD Competition Trends 2022

Previous editions

Watch a video with the key findings‌

Visual for the text of the recommendation on competitive neutrality

O‌ECD Council Recommendation
on Competitive Neutrality



A series of blog entries explores the different topics under discussion. 

Blog #1 Link to an external site icon Competitive Neutrality and the Role of the State in the Market: Could there be any Parallels with EU State Aid Rules?

Blog #2 Rising to the Challenge of Competition Enforcement in Digital Markets

Blog #3 Link to an external site icon Is Competition Policy the Right Response to the Crisis of Journalism?

Blog #4 Link to an external site icon‌ Sustainability and Competition: How Competition Law Enforcement Needs to Be Overhauled to Achieve Sustainability Goals


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