OECD Competition Open Day 2019


The OECD Competition Open Day offered a unique opportunity to discuss cutting-edge topics addressed by the OECD Competition Committee. This inaugural event in Paris was held on 27 February 2019 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris.


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The programme focused on: 

This event was open to competition expertsgovernment representativescompetition lawyerseconomistsconsultantsin-house counselsregulators, representatives of academia and the media. See Pictures of the event.

  Missed the 2019 event? Watch the full webcast here.



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OECD Competition Open Day 2019


Replay of key sessions

Replay of Panel 1. Vertical restraints in e-commerce

Replay of Panel 2. Non-price competition in digital markets

Replay of Panel 3. Excessive prices in pharmaceutical markets

Replay of Panel 4. Gun jumping and pre-closing exchanges of information

Pinar Akman bio pic Pinar Akman [Bio] ‌ 
Professor of Competition Law & Director of Centre for Business Law and Practice, University of Leeds
Philip Marsden bio pic Philip Marsden [Bio] 
Visiting Professor, European Legal Studies Department, College of Europe
Paolo Buccirossi bio pic Paolo Buccirossi ‌ 
Director and Founder, LEAR
Jorge Padilla bio pic Jorge Padilla [Bio] 
Senior Managing Director, Head of Compass Lexecon Europe
 comp-gunnar-kallfass-bio-photo Gunnar Kallfass
Head of Unit for German and European Antitrust Law, Bundeskartellamt
Daniel L Rubinfeld bio pic Daniel L. Rubinfeld [Bio] 
Professor of Law NYU, Professor of Law and Professor of Economics Emeritus, U.C. Berkeley
Giulio Federico bio pic Giulio Federico [Bio] ‌ 
Head of Empirical Analysis Unit, Chief Economist Office, Directorate General for Competition, European Commission 
Valerie Paris bio pic Valérie Paris  
Senior Health Policy Analyst, OECD
Patricia Brink bio pic Patricia A. Brink [Bio] 
Director of Civil Enforcement, U.S. Department of Justice
Andrea Pezzoli bio pic Andrea Pezzoli  
Director General for Competition, Autorità garante della concorrenza e del mercato
John Davies bio pic

John Davies [Bio] 
Senior Vice President, Compass Lexecon

Pierre Honore bio pic

Pierre Honoré [Bio] 
Partner, Bredin Pratt

Jan Lohrberg bio pic Jan Lohrberg  
Senior Competition Counsel, Deutsche Telekom


Key papers


I‌mplications of E-Commerce for Competition Policy


Quality considerations in
digital zero-price markets


Excessive prices in
pharmaceutical markets


Suspensory effects of merger notifications and
gun jumping 

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Information Exchanges Between Competitors under Competition Law, Policy roundtables 2010



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