Fostering competition in Thailand


Thailand is emerging as a key logistics hub in the region due to its central geographic location and its well-developed infrastructure: transport accounts for about 4% of formal employment and almost 6% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2018.

Fostering competition in ASEAN is a project that reviews regulatory constraints on competition in the logistics sector in all ten ASEAN member countries to identify regulations that hinder the efficient functioning of markets and create an unlevel playing field for business. It comprises two parallel components: competition assessment reviews of specific logistics sub-sectors and competitive neutrality reviews of small-package delivery services. The project is undertaken in partnership with ASEAN and funded by the UK Prosperity Fund (UK Government). 



Two reports, a competition assessment and a competitive neutrality assessment of the logistics sector will be issued for each ASEAN member state.

The reports for Thailand were launched on 16 September 2020 | Watch the launch event


OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: 
Logistics sector in Thailand


Download:  Report  •  Highlights 


OECD Competitive Neutrality Reviews: 
Small-package delivery services in Thailand


Download: Report  •  Highlights 


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