Digital Economy, Innovation and Competition


Digitalisation has reshaped competitive dynamics in the economy, creating new markets and transforming existing ones. This presents a multifaceted challenge for competition authorities and policymakers. They must grapple with uncertainty in rapidly evolving markets, address new forms of misconduct, and examine markets whose precise boundaries are unclear. At the same time, mounting concerns about conduct in digital markets and indicators of growing market power have led to calls for new competition policy tools and the more active use of existing ones.

G7 inventory of new rules for digital markets

G7 inventory of new rules for digital markets

Analytical note

08/11/2023 - Prepared for the G7 Joint Competition Policy Makers and Enforcers Summit, this inventory gathers proposed or enacted legislative reforms that have been developed to address digital competition issues in G7 and other jurisdictions. It proposes an objective comparison of “ex ante” regulations in digital markets, based on their status, scope, institutional setting and content. It encompasses detailed information on legislative reforms captured under 9 categories and 44 sub-categories of variables, using a fixed frame that could be applied to all current and future reforms. 

An analytical note accompanies the inventory and draws some high-level findings, highlighting common patterns and points of convergence and divergence across jurisdictions.

The 2023 inventory and analytical note produced by the OECD were submitted to the G7 Joint Competition Policy Makers and Enforcers Summit, which took place on 08 November 2023 in Tokyo in the framework of Japan’s G7 presidency.


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Press release on the G7 Summit by Japan's Fair Trade Commission

G7 Compendium of approaches to improving competition in digital markets 

The first version of the inventory and accompanying note were issued in the framework of Germany’s G7 presidency in October 2022.

Access: 2022 Inventory l 2022 Analytical Note l Press release by Bundeskartellamt l Compedium of approaches to improving competition in digital markets

OECD Handbook on Competition Policy in the Digital Age

OECD handbook on competition policy in the digital age (cover)‌23 February 2022 -  Launched during the 2022 Competition Open Day, the OECD Handbook on Competition Policy in the Digital Age provides a new resource for competition authorities, policymakers, researchers and anyone else interested in digital competition policy. It highlights the key messages from the extensive body of OECD work in this area to date, including anticompetitive conduct, merger control and remedies. The Handbook provides links to all of our digital competition work, making it easier to explore the wealth of background papers, country contributions, and other resources available on over 40 topics. It also contains our views on the road ahead for digital competition policy, including the need for co-ordination among jurisdictions as they transition from diagnosing concerns, to implementing solutions.

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