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Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica, an OECD member since 2021, participates actively in the OECD Competition Committee, OECD-IDB Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum and OECD Global Forum on Competition. Costa Rica also hosted the 8th meeting of the Latin American Competition Forum in 2010.


Date of Publication:
29 July 2020

Costa Rica: Assessment of competition law and policy 2020

This report analyses Costa Rica's competition law and policy in view of its accession to the OECD.


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Competition and market studies in Latin America

Date of Publication:
18 March 2015

Competition and Market Studies in Latin America

Costa Rica is one of the six Latin American countries having participated in a 2014 project to better understand how market studies are carried out and what can be done to improve them. More about the project

The resulting report outlines the current status of market studies in six Latin American countries, describes good practices, identifies areas for improvement and provides recommendations on how to make better use of this competition tool.

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Cover in English Costa Rica Peer Review

Date of publication:
4 December 2014

Competition Law and Policy in Costa Rica: A Peer Review - 2014

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Costa Rica was the 10th Latin American country to undergo a review of its competition law and policy. The review took place during the 2014 Latin American Competition Forum held on 16-17 September 2014 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

This report analyses Costa Rica's competition regime and sets out recommendations relating to government policy and to the local competition authority's enforcement /  advocacy practices. Access the report


Competition work on Latin America

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Annual Report on recent competition developments

In the framework of its participation at the Competition Committee, Costa Rica's national competition agency submits every year a report on recent developments in the field of competition. 

Available reports:  

2021 • 2020 • 2019 • 2018 • 2017

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