Competition Policy and Knowledge-Based Capital - 2013


cover Competition and KBC 2013

Date of publication

10 May 2013


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Knowledge-based capital (KBC) has emerged as an important driver of investment, innovation and growth in OECD economies. As KBC-focused businesses have grown in economic importance, they have started to encounter and create more competition law and policy issues.


The OECD Competition Committee has discussed competition issues that may affect these markets in several roundtables over the years. This book gathers the key findings from these discussions and provides a comprehensive overview of the role of competition and competition policy in supporting the development of KBC, including the use of competition enforcement to address anticompetitive behaviour that hinders innovation and retards economic growth.


Table of contents

Key Findings

Executive Summaries:

  - The Digital Economy

  - The Regulated Conduct Defence

  - Pro-Active Policies for Green Growth and the Market Economy

  - Competition, Patents and Innovation

  - Dynamic Efficiencies in Merger Analysis

  - Intellectual Property Rights

  - Merger Review in High Innovation Markets



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