Cartels: Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy


List of all proceedings and webpages of the Best Practice Roundtables on Competition Policy series dealing with cartels (by alphabetical order).


Algorithmic competition (2023)

Algorithms and Collusion (2017)

Alternatives to Leniency Programmes (2023)

Airline Mergers and Alliances (1999)

Integrating Consumer Behaviour Insights in Competition Enforcement (2022)

Big Data: Bringing Competition Policy to the Digital Era (2016)

Cartels Involving Intermediate Goods (2015)

Cartels: Sanctions Against Individuals (2003)

Circular Economy (2023)

Commodity Price Volatility (2012) 

Common Ownership by Institutional Investors and its Impact on Competition (2017)

Competition and Cross Platform Parity Agreements (2015)

Competition and Procurement: Key Findings (2011)

Competitive Neutrality, Promotion by Competition Authorities (2021)

Compliance Programmes (2021)  

Crisis Cartels (2011)

Data Screening Tools for Competition Investigations (2022)

Digital Economy (2012)

Direct Settlements in Cartel Cases (2008)

Director Disqualification and Bidder Exclusion in Competition Enforcement (2022)

E-commerce: Implications for Competition Policy (2018)

Economics of Digital Ecosystems (2020)

Enhanced Enforcement Co-operation (2014)

Environmental Considerations in Competition Enforcement (2021)

Ex-officio Cartel Investigations and the Use of Screens to Detect Cartels (2013)

Facilitating Practices in Oligopolies (2007)

General Cartel Bans: Criteria for Exemption for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (1996)

Gun Jumping and Suspensory Effects of Merger Notifications (2018)

Horizontal Agreements in the Environmental Context (2010)

How Can Competition Contribute to Fairer Societies? (2018)

Improving International Co-operation in Cartel Investigations (2012)

Interim Measures in Antitrust Investigations (2022)

Joint Ventures (2000)

Leniency Programmes: Advancing Detection and Deterrence of Cartels, The Future of Effective (2023)

Leniency Programmes: Challenges and Co-ordination (2018)

Leniency for Subsequent Applicants (2012)

Market competition, Methodologies to measure (2021)

Market Definition (2012)

Oligopoly Markets (2015) 

Oligopoly (1999)

Out-of-Market Efficiencies in Competition Enforcement (2023)

Plea Bargaining/Settlement of Cartel Cases (2006)

Potential Competition, The Concept of (2021)

Professional Sports (2023)

Prosecuting Cartels without Direct Evidence of Agreement (2006)

Purchasing Power and Buyers' Cartels (2022)

Quality in Competition Analysis (Role and Measurement of)  (2013)

Regional Competition Agreements: Benefits and challenges (2018)

Regulated Conduct Defence (2011)

Resale Price Maintenance (2008)

Safe Harbours and Legal Presumptions in Competition Law (2017)

Sanctions in Antitrust Cases (2016)

State-owned Entreprises and Competition (2018)

Sustainability and Competition (2020)

Unilateral Disclosure of Information with Anticompetitive Effects  (2012)

Use of Economic Evidence in Cartel Cases (2023)

Vertical Relations in Gasoline Retailing (2008)

Vertical Restraints for On-line Sales  (2013)


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