Antitrust and the trust machine


Antitrust and the trust machine Cover


Date of publication
4 November 2020


4 November 2020 - Blockchain is an exciting technology with great but as yet unfulfilled potential. For competition and competition policy, it offers a number of promising opportunities, which agencies will wish to explore. However, from the standpoint of antitrust law the concerns remain the same. This paper explores the platform nature of a blockchain, how pricing on a blockchain works and how the blockchain fits into the supply chain. It considers the risks of anticompetitive behaviour by the blockchain, by its users of the blockchain and of anticompetitive behaviour being directed towards the blockchain. It also sets out a range of possible opportunities that arise from the adoption of the technology. 

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This report is a contribution to the work of the OECD Blockchain Policy Centre and the OECD Going Digital project. 



OECD Handbook on Competition Policy in the Digital Age 

2020 OECD Global Blockchain policy forum



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