Corporate governance and corporate finance

Corporate governance, value creation and growth: The bridge between finance and enterprise


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Date of publication
3 September 2012

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This publication examines the role of corporate governance arrangements in providing the right incentives to contribute to the value creation process within private enterprises and the implications of the differences in ownership structures on corporate governance practices and frameworks. It also addresses these global changes from emerging markets perspective and the distinguishing features of these economies that shape their capital markets, corporate structures and corporate governance landscape.

This publication is an important reminder that corporate governance rules, regulations and practices are not a goal in themselves. They are supposed to be means to a greater end. Be it minority rights, mandatory bids, or independent directors, the rules and regulations that we put in place should serve a purpose. It is against this purpose and these objectives that the quality of any corporate governance system should be evaluated. So, we need to find a benchmark against which we can assess new regulations and evaluate existing ones.

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