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Global consultation on corporate governance and the financial crisis


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18 March 2009 - OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France

OECD member countries have launched an ambitious action plan to address weaknesses in corporate governance that are related to the financial crisis. An important part of this programme is to engage and seek advice from key stakeholders on improvements they consider necessary. 

The consultation brought together representatives from governments, the private sector, trade unions and civil society to discuss monitoring, implementation and enforcement of standards and codes, as well as possible reforms and improvements, focusing on:

  • the role of corporate governance in the financial crisis
  • identifying the most urgent areas for reform
  • how OECD can improve and support implementation of agreed standards
  • how OECD can support national, regional and global initiatives

The consultation provided input to a set of recommendations to be issued towards the end of 2009. It also helped to guide the medium-term orientation of OECD’s corporate governance work and facilitate co-ordination among different organisations and institutions that are active in the area of corporate governance.


In addition, the OECD conducted an Internet consultation from 18 March to the end of April. 22 comments were received from around the world.



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