Corporate governance principles

2005 Latin American Roundtable on Corporate Governance, Lima, Peru


The Sixth Meeting of the Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable took place in Lima, Peru, on 20 - 21 September, 2005.  The Roundtable reviewed progress in implementing the recommendations of the Latin American White Paper on Corporate Governance, considered emerging practices in strengthening enforcement, and experience in improving board effectiveness.  Participants also exchanged experience regarding the relevance of the new OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in the Latin American context. The meeting was co-hosted by Peru’s Securities and Exchange Commission (CONASEV), the Lima Stock Exchange, and the National Confederation of Private Entrepreneurs (CONFIEP).

General Information about the Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable


Session 1: Stock-taking of country progress in implementing the Latin American White Paper

Session 2: The Latin America Companies Circle: Interim Report and Future Plans

Session 3: Strengthening Enforcement: Promising Practices

Session 4: Improving Board Effectiveness: developing a boardroom guide to implementation of the OECD Principles, and the Latin American context   

Session 5:  Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprises

Session 6: New corporate governance initiatives and future directions of the Latin American Roundtable 

Other documentation also distributed at the Roundtable

  • Corporate Governance in Venezuela, Associación Venezolana de Ejecutivos
    English / Spanish
  • Policy Note on Corporate Governance in Argentina, Center for Financial Stability, Argentina
    English / Spanish


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