Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises

6th Meeting of the OECD Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Asia


17 - 18 May 2011, Seoul, Korea


The sixth meeting of the Network in Seoul focused on recent progress in SOE reform; good practices in organising SOE boards of directors; and sectoral examples of SOE governance in the financial and power sectors. Through the case studies examining recent SOE governance reform endeavors of the Philippines and Pakistan and the session focusing on the host country experience of Korea, participants had a more in-depth evaluation of SOE-related issues of current relevance to the Asian region.






Session 1: SOE Governance Reform in Korea: Experiences and Prospects


Session 2: Progress in Implementing Reform Priorities According to the Policy Brief


Session 3: Competitive Neutrality: Promoting Efficient Competition Between SOEs & Private Business  


Session 4: Corporate Governance of Sate Owned Power Companies


Session 5: Corporate Governance of State Owned Commercial Banks


Session 6: Designing Training Programs for SOE Directors


Session 7: Evaluating Performance of SOE Boards




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For more information about corporate governance of state-owned enterprises in Asia and about previous meetings, please visit SOEs in Asia.



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