Corporate governance of state-owned enterprises

5th meeting of the OECD Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Asia


24-25 May 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) play an important role in economies around the world, with major impact on public finances, economic growth, and the competitiveness of the business sector.


To keep the dialogue focused and to produce tangible outcomes, the Asian Network on Corporate Governance of SOEs has progressively developed a Regional Policy Brief, providing a set of recommendations and priorities for policy reform in order to improve the corporate governance of SOEs in the economies of Asia.


The 5th meeting of the Network focused on progress with implementing the recommendations identified in the Policy Brief, drawing on the priority areas for reform announced by several Network members at last year’s meeting in Bangkok. Sessions focusing on the country experiences of Malaysia and Korea allowed for a more in-depth evaluation.


Participants also discussed SOE-related issues of current relevance to the Asian region.


Left to right: Mr Pekka Timonen (Chair, OECD Working Party on State Ownership & Privatisation Practices); Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali (Chairman, Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group, Malaysia); Senator Tan Sri Amirsham A.Aziz (Chairman, National Economic Advisory Council, Malaysia); Mr John Lim (Chair, OECD Asia Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises).






Session One: SOE governance reform in Asia: esperiences and prospects


Session Two: SOEs with non-commercial objectives


Session Three: Progress in SOE Governance Reforms in Asia


Session Four: Announcement or revision of reform priorities by individual members of the Network


Session Five: The ongoing reform process in Korea


Session Six: Ensuring a level playing field betweem SOEs and private companies


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