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The OECD Latin America Corporate Governance Programme brings expertise on listed companies’ and state-owned enterprises’ corporate governance in the region, as well as on the challenges related to local capital market development. The current focus of the regional work includes policy challenges related to sustainability and the access of growth companies to public markets. Since beginning to work in the region in 2000, the programme has convened more than 30 meetings and published more than 20 reports focused on Latin America.





Sustainability Policies and Practices for Corporate Governance in Latin America (January 2023)‌

This report serves to support the development of Latin America’s legal and regulatory frameworks for sustainability disclosure, the responsibilities of company boards and shareholder rights. The report presents the results of two OECD surveys on sustainability practices of listed companies and asset managers in the region. It also draws upon an OECD dataset on the current trends and features of corporate sustainability at the global level.

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OECD-Latin America Roundtable on Corporate Governance

The Latin America Corporate Governance Roundtable was established in April 2000. The Roundtable works to facilitate public and private sector policy-dialogue by providing a forum for the exchange of experiences between senior policy-makers, regulators and market participants from all countries in the region.  

» Last meeting of the roundtable | 27-28 November 2023 | São Paulo, Brazil | Agenda | Documents

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OECD-Latin America Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises

The objective of the Latin America Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) is to enhance the governance of SOEs in the region through an ongoing exchange of experience and knowledge on SOE governance policies, practices and reforms.

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