Corporate governance and corporate finance

Corporate governance of SOEs: Guidance and research


‌The OECD regularly takes stock of national trends in state ownership practices, with a view to identifying good practices and supporting effective implementation of the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises. The list below provides a non-exhaustive overview of publications that either examine national practices towards state ownership or put forward more detailed implementation guidance to achieve the policy outcomes of the Guidelines.


Anti-corruption and integrity in state-owned enterprises

Ownership and governance of state-owned enterprises: A compendium of national practices  (2017)

The size and sectoral distribution of SOEs (2017)

State-owned enterprises as global competitors - A challenge or an opportunity? (2016)

Risk management by state-owned enterprises and their ownership (2016)

SOEs in Asia: National practices for performance evaluation and management (2016)

Broadening the ownership of SOEs - A comparison of governance practices (2016)

State-owned enterprise governance reform: An inventory of recent change (2011)

State-Owned Enterprise Reform in the Hydrocarbons Sector in Ukraine (2019)

State-owned enterprises and corruption: What are the risks and what can be done? (2018)

Stocktaking of anti-corruption and business integrity measures for Southern African SOEs (2015)

Rationales for state ownership

The boards of state-owned enterprises

A Policy Maker's Guide to Privatisation (2019)

State-owned enterprise governance: A stocktaking of government rationales for enterprise ownership (2015)

State-owned enterprises in the development process (2015)

State-owned enterprises: Good governance as a facilitator for development (2015)

Professionalising boards of directors of state-owned enterprises: Stocktaking of national practices (2018) 

Boards of directors of state-owned enterprises: An overview of national practices (2013)

State-owned enterprises in the marketplace

Disclosure and transparency

International trade and investment by state enterprises

Financing state-owned enterprises: An overview of national practices (2014)

State-invested enterprises in the global marketplace: Implications for a level playing field (2014)

Balancing commercial and non-commercial priorities of state-owned enterprises (2013)

State-owned enterprises - Trade effects and policy implications (2013)

Competitive neutrality: Maintaining a level playing field between public and private business (2012)

Accountability and transparency: A guide for state ownership (2010)



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