Triangular co-operation

Triangular co-operation repository of projects


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Triangular co-operation is a highly relevant mechanism to implement the 2030 Agenda. There is a great variety of triangular co-operation in terms of scale, scope, regions, sectors and project types. Available project data and evaluations point to an increase in the number of projects, as well as in their budgets and durations.

About this database

This database includes information on triangular co-operation projects that countries, international organisations, representatives of the private sector, civil society, philanthropy and sub-national actors shared with the OECD. The database is being progressively expanded as the actors involved in triangular co-operation report their activities to the OECD (information to be included in the database can be sent to [email protected]).

The database can be searched by the actors involved (i.e. countries, international organisations or other non-governmental actors) as well as by sector, budget range, whether costs are shared and start date. Specific data of particular interest can be downloaded (see instructions below the map) as well as the full database (xls,200 kb).

If the database does not appear please try using another internet browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)


  1. Double click on a country and the list of projects in the database for that country will appear in the "Search Results" below.
  1. To access activity-level data, click on the "View Data" icon which opens a new window.
  1. Click on the "Full data" tab and select "Show all columns" to display the data.
  2. You can export the data by clicking on the line "Download all rows as a text file"


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