Results in development co-operation

Managing for Sustainable Development Results Guiding Principles


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The OECD/DAC Results Community has developed six Guiding Principles to help transform development agencies into more results-oriented, effective organisations. Now we need your involvement to ensure that the principles speak to everyone and can be adapted to all contexts.

Guiding Principles on Managing for Sustainable Development Results

  1. Support sustainable development goals and desired change
  2. Adapt to context
  3. Enhance country ownership, mutual accountability and transparency
  4. Maximise the use of results information for learning and decision-making

  5. Foster a culture of results and learning
  6. Develop a results system that is manageable and reliable


Guiding Principles
(ADOPTED BY DAC on 12 July 2019)

Guiding Principles Flyer


Why these Guiding Principles?

  • More than ever, development actors are called upon to join efforts and maximise the impact of their contributions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The OECD/DAC Results Community is proposing a set of six guiding principles that can help transform development agencies into more results-oriented, effective organisations.
  • The guiding principles acknowledge the complex and evolving nature of development co-operation and build on existing principles, lessons and reviews of results-based management systems. The proposed principles can guide stakeholders in addressing some of the recurrent challenges they have been facing in managing for development results.


Consultation process:

  • To ensure that the guiding principles are relevant, clear and broadly applicable, a transparent consultative process sought the feedback from a broad range of development stakeholders.
  • The consultation was open between the 6 and 27 of May and allowed participants to provide feedback through an online survey as well as four interactive webinars.
  • Through both of these channels we have received a total of 250 contributions from 60 different countries.
  • Overall, the guiding principles received strong support with an average degree of agreement of 94% and only very slight variations in the level of agreement across the six principles.

Please consult the synthesis report below for a detailed summary of the consultation process and on the feedback received on each single principle:


Synthesis Report of the Consultation



Steps followed to consult and adopt the proposal:

  • 26 June: The revised version of the guiding principles was shared with the Results Community and if no objections are received by 24 June, the new version of the guiding principles will be shared with the DAC on 26 June.
  • 10 July: The Guiding Principles were presented at the DAC meeting for adoption or for discussion.
  • The Development Assistance Committee adopted the Guiding Principles on 12 July 2019.



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