Peer reviews of DAC members

Special Review of the Republic of Korea's Development Co-operation (2008)


Republic of Korea (2008), DAC Special Review (pdf)


Following a request by the Republic of Korea, the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) agreed to conduct a Special Review of the country’s international development co-operation programme.


This makes Korea the second country from outside the DAC’s membership to undergo such a special review, after the Czech Republic’s review in 2007.


Following the completion of a report, the Korean government organised a roundtable on 29 September 2008, bringing together decision makers on Korea’s development co-operation, representatives of DAC Member countries and other providers of development cooperation in the Asian region.


The Special Review was a consultative process, drawing on the DAC’s experience and methodology in conducting Peer Reviews. The aim was to offer Korea advice on reforming its aid system. The exercise was a learning experience for all involved and confirmed the DAC’s commitment to strengthen its work with providers of development cooperation that are not members of the Committee.