Peer reviews of DAC members

Special Review of Slovenia's Development Co-operation (2011)


A special review of Slovenia’s development co-operation found that Slovenia has put in place many of the important building blocks for its programme, including the legal foundations, a statement of priorities and a consolidated budget for ODA which is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the designated National Co-ordinator of Slovenia’s international development assistance. Until the economic down turn in 2009, Slovenia’s ODA had been increasing steadily and had been on track to reach an ODA/GNI level of 0.17% by 2010, the interim target that Slovenia agreed to within the European Union. 


Browse the full review (pdf, 935 kB)

This special review was conducted at the request of the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and undertaken with the agreement of the DAC. A team of examiners from Finland and Switzerland and the OECD Secretariat visited Ljubljana in September 2011, where they consulted with government officials and civil society representatives on Slovenia’s development co-operation. 

With only modest growth in ODA now expected, the special review recommends that Slovenia aim to innovate and do development co-operation differently, carefully balancing its resources and capacity with a more focused programme (e.g. becoming a “niche” donor). Slovenia’s ODA should remain predominantly multilateral. This approach will make Slovenia a more influential player, improve the effectiveness of its ODA and put it in a stronger position to manage the ODA budget once it starts to increase again. A communications strategy, focussed on results achieved, would help Slovenia build up public awareness and support for development co operation.

The main findings from the special review were presented at a launch in Ljubljana on 18 April 2012. The DAC welcomes such special reviews as an opportunity to share experiences with and learn from providers of development co-operation beyond its membership.