Peer reviews of DAC members

Peer Reviews of DAC Members


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Korea 2024

Korea is at a pivotal juncture, as it rapidly scales up ODA and works to strengthen cross-government co-ordination.

21 May 2024


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Upcoming DAC Peer Reviews

To share input, please contact: [email protected]

The reports are available approximately one month following the DAC meeting.



Consultations begin: March 2024

Missions: June 2024

Partner country: Cabo Verde

DAC Meeting: 20 November 2024


Consultations begin: January 2024

Missions: April 2024
Partner country: Tanzania

DAC Meeting: 2 October 2024


Focus areas:

(1) a coherent and comprehensive policy;

(2) institutional setting: managing and responding to change;

(3) channels and instruments: finding the right mix;

(4) adaptive systems: results and risk management


Consultations begin: October 2023

Missions: February 2024

Partner country: North Macedonia

DAC Meeting: 20 June 2024 


Focus areas:

(1) an institutional system adapted to the objectives;

(2) resources adapted to the ambitions;

(3) a strategic commitment with partners


Consultations begin: August 2023

Missions: November 2023

Partner countries: Mauritania & Viet Nam

DAC Meeting: 15 May 2024


Focus areas:

(1) an institutional system fit for purpose;

(2) linking the green and social agendas;

(3) mobilising the private sector's contribution;

(4) facing up to an unstable world




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