Peer reviews of DAC members

Effective Aid Management: Twelve Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews



Publication date: April 2008


Are we geared for success in delivering our aid? What can we do to achieve more? What are other donors doing?
This publication is developed for a development practitioner to help find effective answers to these questions. Our regular, in-depth peer review process can serve as benchmarks for all donors, fostering common understanding of today’s bilateral aid practice. It also provide timely feedback on donor innovations and achievements in effective aid management.


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Accompanied by specific examples of donor practices, this book proposes 12 lessons that can help practitioners understand and implement measures that are critical to managing and delivering development assistance effectively. They are organised around the broad categories of strategy, organisational management and management of aid delivery.


By former DAC Chair Richard Manning (DAC Chair from June 2003-January 2008), looking back on his experience presiding over the peer reviews of 22 members of the Committee


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