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Aid to the Energy Generation and Supply sector


The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) collects aid flow data at activity level based on a standard methodology and agreed definitions. The Aid to Energy Generation and Supply sector is broken down into 17 sub sectors covering policy, research, training, distribution as well as generation by type.

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Related reporting codes and descriptions

DAC 5 CODE CRS CODE voluntary code DESCRIPTION Clarifications / Additional notes on coverage
230     ENERGY GENERATION, DISTRIBUTION AND EFFICIENCY Categories 231 through 235 include both electric power plants and combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Heat-only plants, whatever the type of fuel, are reportable under category 236. Activities relating to fuelwood/charcoal production, energy manufacturing and natural resources extraction (including oil and gas pipelines) are reportable under categories 312, 321 et 322 respectively.
231     Energy generation, distribution and efficiency – general  
  23110   Energy policy and administrative management Energy sector policy, planning; aid to energy ministries; institution capacity building and advice; unspecified energy activities.
  23111 Energy sector policy, planning and administration  
23112 Energy regulation Regulation of the energy sector, including wholesale and retail electricity provision.
23181   Energy education/training All levels of training not included elsewhere.
23182   Energy research Including general inventories, surveys.
23183   Energy conservation and demand-side efficiency All projects in support of energy demand reduction, e.g. building and industry upgrades, smart grids, metering and tariffs. Also includes efficient cook-stoves and biogas projects.
232     Energy generation, renewable sources  
  23210   Energy generation, renewable sources – multiple technologies Renewable energy generation programmes that cannot be attributed to one single technology (codes 23220 through 23280 below). Fuelwood/charcoal production should be included under forestry 31261.
23220   Hydro-electric power plants Including energy generating river barges.
23230   Solar energy Including photo-voltaic cells, solar thermal applications and solar heating.
23240   Wind energy Wind energy for water lifting and electric power generation.
23250   Marine energy Including ocean thermal energy conversion, tidal and wave power.
23260   Geothermal energy Use of geothermal energy for generating electric power or directly as heat for agriculture, etc.
23270   Biofuel-fired power plants Use of solids and liquids produced from biomass for direct power generation. Also includes biogases from anaerobic fermentation (e.g. landfill gas, sewage sludge gas, fermentation of energy crops and manure) and thermal processes (also known as syngas); waste-fired power plants making use of biodegradable municipal waste (household waste and waste from companies and public services that resembles household waste, collected at installations specifically designed for their disposal with recovery of combustible liquids, gases or heat). See code 23360 for non- renewable waste-fired power plants.
233     Energy generation, non-renewable sources  
  23310   Energy generation, non-renewable sources – unspecified Thermal power plants including when energy source cannot be determined; combined gas-coal power plants.
23320   Coal-fired electric power plants Thermal electric power plants that use coal as the energy source.
  23330   Oil-fired electric power plants Thermal electric power plants that use fuel oil or diesel fuel as the energy source.
23340   Natural gas-fired electric power plants Electric power plants that are fuelled by natural gas.
23350   Fossil fuel electric power plants with carbon capture and storage (CCS) Fossil fuel electric power plants employing technologies to capture carbon dioxide emissions. CCS not related to power plants should be included under 41020. CCS activities are not reportable as ODA.
23360   Non-renewable waste-fired electric power plants Electric power plants that use non-biodegradable industrial and municipal waste as the energy source.
234     Hybrid energy electric power plants  
  23410   Hybrid energy electric power plants Electric power plants that make use of both non-renewable and renewable energy sources.
235     Nuclear energy electric power plants  
  23510   Nuclear energy electric power plants Including nuclear safety.
236     Heating, cooling and energy distribution  
  23610   Heat plants Power plants which are designed to produce heat only.
23620   District heating and cooling Distribution of heat generated in a centralised location, or delivery of chilled water, for residential and commercial heating or cooling purposes.
23630   Electric power transmission and distribution Grid distribution from power source to end user; transmission lines. Also includes storage of energy to generate power (e.g. pumped hydro, batteries) and the extension of grid access, often to rural areas.
23640   Gas distribution Delivery for use by ultimate consumer.