Development finance standards

DAC Working Party on Development Finance Statistics (WP-STAT)


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The WP-STAT maintains and improves the quality, comparability, relevance, accessibility and user-friendliness of OECD DAC statistics on development co-operation and other resource flows to developing countries.

The Working Party:

  • Keeps under review and proposes improvements in the OECD DAC statistical system*.
  • Makes recommendations to the DAC about: ODA eligibility and measurement of development finance; guidelines and definitions for reporting; data comparability; the integrity of DAC statistics and the credibility of the ODA measure; the scope and use of DAC statistics.
  • Develops and tests measurement standards and methods and proposes, for decision by the DAC, significant amendments to the statistical Reporting Directives.
  • Makes technical adjustments to the directives with decisions taken on consensus of its members.
  • Encourages good statistical practice through the sharing of lessons among provider agencies in data collection, production, access and reporting.
  • Supplies the data necessary to measure the provision of resources in support of sustainable development and to monitor the performance against internationally established standards, objectives and targets for development co-operation.

*The OECD DAC Statistical System captures and reports in a transparent way on the totality of international official flows for development from DAC and non-DAC, bilateral and multilateral, providers, with emphasis on but not limited to official development assistance, and as well as an increasing share of flows from private sources.

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