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Peer Reviews on Development Finance Statistics


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Countries often face similar challenges in statistical reporting on development finance. Through Peer Reviews on Development Finance Statistics, DAC members and the OECD jointly assess how countries collect, report and publish their data, so as to help them cope with an increasing demand for comprehensive, reliable and accessible statistics on development finance, in a context of frequent changes to the reporting requirements, staff-turnover and often complex, decentralised reporting systems.

Latest review - Denmark

  • Iceland does a thorough job in reviewing the ODA-eligibility of Iceland’s activities. Once a project is drafted and before it is approved, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reviews it using a special factsheet requesting detailed data such as the target countries, policy markers, descriptive information, collaboration with other institutions and links to the Icelandic development strategy, in order to assess whether a project meets the ODA criteria.
  • Iceland is developing a new website:, which will publish interactive development statistics. Iceland plans to use the website for displaying its aid activities to increase transparency and accessibility of aid data in a user-friendly way.


  • Diligent work conducted by Iceland to verify the eligibility of activities through a factsheet for each project before it is approved is commendable. Further progress could be achieved with dedicated trainings for desk officers on ODA eligibility and/or reporting rules for new recruitments.
  • Iceland is encouraged to continue its effort and commitment to improve the website by further utilising the MFA’s in-house human resources, as such an initiative serves not only to increase transparency but also to enhance the staff capability and knowledge.


All reviews:


Enhancing the quality and use of data on development finance

  • The OECD methodological guide for peer reviews on development finance statistics promotes a dialogue between the reviewed country, the peers and the OECD. The reviews cover seven dimensions: statistical policy issues; domestic data collection; statistical reporting; performance on DAC recommendations and international commitments; transparency; data accessibility; and publication of statistics.


    The Reviews seek to:

    • Help identify and share best reporting practices among DAC members through peer learning.
    • Enhance OECD’s understanding of countries' challenges in reporting to provide better guidance.
    • Monitor compliance with the Reporting Directives and support the implementation of WP-STAT decisions.
    • Assist non-DAC countries to follow DAC statistical standards.
    • Provide opportunities for non-DAC countries to benefit from in-depth reviews of DAC members' statistical reporting systems.
    • Inform the broader development community of efforts undertaken to ensure the quality of statistics on development finance.

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