ODA eligibility database


Not ODA-eligible


Sector or themePeace and security: security system reform
Provider countryNATO
Recipient countryJordan
Implementing agencyNATO Support and Procurement Agency
Budget (USD x 1000)3600
Purpose code15210 Security system management and reform

  • The Jordan III Trust Fund is a capacity building project to develop servicewomen in the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF). The JAF has developed a Military Women’s Strategy for 2006-2016 that aims to capacity-build through the recruitment and training of more women in JAF and subsequently creating wider employment and participation opportunities.
  • The Jordan III Trust Fund supports the Jordanian Armed Forces to increase female officer representation and provide women with wider career opportunities. The Trust Fund serves as a strong advocate to NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue partners and other regional actors developing servicewomen and their roles in peace and the security sector. The Trust Fund consists of three initiatives: - Support to the Directorate of Military Women’s Affairs in developing and implementing a 3-year Action Plan. This will include a review of policy objectives and requirements as well as adoption of selected concepts in line with NATO policies. - The Military Women’s Training Centre provides all women with training in core basic military skills and leadership. Enhancements to the current centre’s infrastructure will allow 25% increased training throughput to 550 students yearly, with modernized instructional and teaching facilities and improved living standards. - Education and Training is the way to deliver and affect change. An analysis of officers’ courses will be followed by the design and integration of amendments, commencing with gender awareness, intro courses and programmes for both female and male officers. Appropriate new courses will be developed to support change and promote wider regional cooperation.
  • Support the recruitment of female officers, enhance provision of gender training and increase gender awareness in the Jordanian Armed Forces. This Trust Fund also contributes to supporting the SDG 5 on Gender Equality and supporting the empowerment of all women.
  • This activity is deemed not ODA-eligible. ODA excludes the provision of aid to the military in partner countries. This exclusion covers assistance directly benefitting counterpart military structure and other contributions linked to a specific defence effort e.g. assistance that contributes to the strengthening of the military or fighting capacity of the armed forces (paragraph 97). Capacity-building through the recruitment and training of more women in the JAF to create wider employment and participation opportunities is considered direct aid to the military in the partner country and does not qualify as ODA. By contrast, security sector reform activities to garner respect for human rights and inclusive, gender-sensitive security institutions would be considered eligible (paragraph 105). This support can include the ministry of defence but it then "must be part of a national security system reform strategy and be approved by the partner country ministry with overall responsibility for co-ordination of external assistance."