ODA eligibility database


Partially ODA-eligible


Sector or themePeace and security: general
Provider countryHungary
Recipient countryAfghanistan
Implementing agencyNATO
Budget (USD x 1000)350
Purpose code15210 Conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security

  • The wider international community is committed to financially support the sustainment of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF). The Afghan National Army (ANA) Trust Fund is part of that. Continued support to the financial sustainment of the ANDSF through 2020 was confirmed at the NATO Warsaw Summit in 2016.
  • The ANA Trust Fund mainly focuses on the sustainment of the ANA, but can also be used in support of literacy training, capacity and integrity building activities, and women’s participation within the relevant Afghan Ministries and security institutions. These activities cover the ANA, Afghan National Police (ANP), and Ministries of Defence (MoD), Interior (MoI) and Finance. Examples: - Provision of facilities supporting the ANDSF Human Rights Ombudsmen; - Financial management information system training for both MoD and MoI; - ANA and ANP literacy projects; - Power Delivery & Purchasing Agreement with the Asian Development Bank connecting ANA and ANP bases to the electrical grid; - Medical projects in support of both ANA and ANP and their dependants; - Counter-Improvised Devices/Explosive Ordnance Disposal training; robots and disposal equipment supporting both ANA and ANP; - Dismounted cell phone jammers/electronic counter-measure systems for ANA & ANP vehicles; - Maintenance contracts; - Military Academy and Logistics School facilities; - Scholarship programme for Women in ANA. - Pilot Course on civilian oversight of ANDSF. In 2015 and 2016, Hungarian contributions were used to assist in supplying uniforms to members of the ANA and in support of the outfitting of the Shorab Regional Hospital.
  • Ensuring the equipment, sustainability and training of the ANDSF and hence contributing to a secure environment for the population and to economic development. Increasing capacity and resilience of the ANDSF and moving towards self-reliance, also financially.
  • The Hungarian contribution is deemed not ODA-eligible. Supplying uniforms to members of the ANA is provision of aid to the partner country military is not reportable as ODA. Support of the outfitting of the Shorab Regional Hospital could be ODA-eligible only in the case where the hospital is also accessible to civilians (only additional costs if the hospital remains primarily a military facility; pro-rata if the facility has dual mandate). Hungary indicated that the hospital at Camp Shorabak in Helmand province is in principle a medical facility of the Afghan National Army but that possibly in the future civilians will be treated as well. As regards ANDSF in general, it is deemed partially ODA-eligible. Activities that support the sustainment of ANA are in general not ODA-eligible (only activities that improve good governance and civilian oversight would be eligible such as the ANA Pilot Course on Civilian Oversight of the Armed Forces). Activities that support police in their routine functions are ODA-eligible (e.g. ANP literacy projects).