ODA eligibility database




Sector or themePeace and security: preventing violent extremism
Provider countrySwitzerland
Recipient countryBosnia and Herzegovina
Implementing agencyFederal Department of Foreign Affairs
Budget (USD x 1000)19
Purpose code15110 Public sector policy and administrative management

  • Children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina seem to be particularly vulnerable to radicalisation and are increasingly targeted by recruiters, while the number of adult volunteers is gradually decreasing.
  • The project aims to examine the patterns and agents of radicalisation into violent extremism among children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The research would look into the root-causes of this process including the population at risk; underlying issues and grievances that are being used as tools for radicalisation; the geography of the process; societal, cultural and economic backgrounds; the role of religious ´authorities´ and particularly social media. Also, interviews with families that lost their members to ISIL will provide a unique insight into the pathways of radicalisation, alienation, and eventually departures from their respective homes and families in pursuit of violent Jihadism in Syria and/or Iraq. Finally, this study will try to determine the key stages in the cycle of radicalisation and recommend the most appropriate actors as well as the roles they should play to successfully counter this trend.
  • The research led to the publication of a report entitled “The New Lure of the Syrian War – The Foreign Fighters’ Bosnian Contingent” (Sarajevo, 2016).
  • This activity is deemed ODA-eligible. It demonstrates preventing violent extremism through non-coercive, intentional and target use of development assistance approaches aiming at providing positive alternatives to those most at risk of violent extremism in partner countries and countering the narrative of violent extremism that incites support for violence which is included in ODA (paragraph 116). In addition, ODA-eligible activities for preventing violent extremism must be undertaken in accordance with respect for the peaceful exercise of political, social and economic rights, including the right to non-violent forms of political expression. Intelligence gathering is excluded from ODA. In addition, training in counter-subversion method or suppression of political dissidence is excluded from ODA (paragraph 118). This activity concerns the research of root causes of radicalisation, which is listed amongst the examples of eligible activities in paragraph 119.