ODA eligibility database




Sector or themePeace and security: preventing violent extremism
Provider countryEU Institutions
Recipient countryKenya, Somalia
Implementing agencyRoyal United Services Institute (RUSI)
Budget (USD x 1000)2177
Purpose code15110 Public sector policy and administrative management

  • This activity is part of the EU’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace. For the EU, Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) is a key concept both in internal and external security circles, supported by activities at both the Member State and EU level. Under the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP) several P/CVE-specific projects are being implemented and aim to address the threat of violent extremism by accumulating data and a deeper understanding of the concept itself in order to prevent radicalisation to terrorism and violent extremism. STRIVE Horn of Africa represents the first attempt by the European Commission to implement P/CVE-specific activities outside of Europe targeting the media, education, civil society and governments to increase awareness of P/CVE, the necessity of prevention, build capacity of actors in these fields to engage in P/CVE, and undertake targeted interventions in areas which could contribute most to P/CVE.
  • The project aims to develop best practices to implement and monitor programmes that have demonstrable impact on strengthening resilience against extremism in the Horn of Africa, in respect of human rights and international law. - Build the regional capacity of security sector and law enforcement authorities to engage with civil society in fighting violent extremism. - Strengthen capacity of women’s organisations in the region to counter violent extremism. - Increase the understanding of the challenges faced by EU born Somali youth in Somaliland. - Identify and tackle the drivers of radicalisation among youth in Kenya.
  • Research into young people at risk; developing personal skills, employment opportunities; preparing for return via sporting, cultural activities. Engage women’s groups and bring together stakeholders to find community based solutions to CVE. Capacity building programmes for law enforcement and intelligence agencies focusing on how to engage with the public. Understanding the drivers of radicalisation and violent extremism, particularly among young people in two areas of Kenya afflicted by violent conflict.
  • The activity is deemed ODA-eligible as its objectives and activities comply with the example of eligible activities in the field of PVE given in paragraph 119: - Working with civil society groups specifically to prevent radicalisation, support reintegration and deradicalisation, and promote community engagement. - Building the capacity of security and justice systems in specific skills required for the prevention of extremist or terrorist threats, such as in the collection and correct use of evidence or fair trial conduct, to ensure more effective and human rights-compliant behaviours. - Research into positive alternatives to address causes of violent extremism in developing countries. In regards to the safeguards, intelligence gathering and training in counter-subversion method or suppression of political dissidence should be explicitly excluded from ODA.