ODA eligibility database




Sector or themePeace and security: security system reform
Provider countrySweden
Recipient countryLiberia
Implementing agencyUNDP (agreement counterpart), Ministry of Justice, Liberia National Police, Judiciary, Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Budget (USD x 1000)3388
Purpose code15210 Security system management and reform

  • The Swedish contribution to support the reform of Liberia’s Security Sector and Judiciary involves capacity building of police officers, corrections officers, immigration officers, construction of border posts, construction of magisterial courts and training of pathologists and staff within the judiciary. There is no military component or support. The largest budget items are recruitment and training, as well as a judicial infrastructural initiative.
  • This programme aims to ensure that justice and security policies and systems are in place to deliver effective and timely services to citizens in line with Liberia’s international and national obligations.
  • This activity’s results include: - Infrastructure, equipment, and systems critical for command, control and operational response established for the Regional Hub. - Justice and security service providers at the regional hubs level provide fair and accountable professional services. - Justice sector institutions have adequate human capacity to provide key justice services. - Victims of sexual and gender based violence provided prosecutorial, psychosocial, educational, medical and socio-economic support services. - The Bureau of Corrections develops a comprehensive strategy to ensure that it upgrades the quality of services rendered through increased man-power training.
  • This activity is deemed ODA-eligible as it demonstrates technical co-operation provided to law enforcement agencies and the judiciary to assist review and reform of the security system to improve good governance and civilian oversight. This project focuses on the non-military part of security sector reform, such as civilian competence and capacity building, which is included in ODA (paragraph 105).