ODA eligibility database




Sector or themePeace and security: involving police
Provider countryNetherlands
Recipient countryJordan
Implementing agencySiren Associates
Budget (USD x 1000)1071
Purpose code15220 Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution

  • The lengthy duration of the Syrian crisis has severely decreased the prospects for return among refugees in Za’atari and Azraq refugee camps in Jordan. As refugees are increasingly facing the reality of a longer-term stay in refugee camps, the need for an effective Jordanian police force to alleviate tensions inside the camps and within host communities increases. The Community Support Teams pilot intends to prevent conflict escalation in refugee camps, and contribute to the internal stability of the camps. The project has the potential to be extended in order to decrease tensions between refugees and host communities as well, since the vast majority of refugees live within Jordanian communities rather than in the camps.
  • The projects activities include: - financing the placement of 50 extra community police in Za’atari and Azraq refugee camps; - provision of two Mobile Police Stations that will be able to move from area to area; - training of retired Jordan police personnel to understand the sensitivities of the refugee population and effectively deal with them. The objectives of these activities are to reach a greater number of refugees, in particular those in so-called problem areas and to increase the capacity of the community police to effectively handle complaints by camp inhabitants.
  • The expected results of the project are an increase in stability and the feeling of security within the entire refugee community and an increase of trust between the community and the police.
  • This activity is deemed ODA-eligible. The project aims to increase the community policing capacity of the Jordanian police. Financing for routine civil policing functions (i.e. pursuant to preventing and addressing criminal activities and the promotion of public safety) and the provision of related non-lethal equipment, or training, is reportable as ODA. Training in the governance and management of police equipment is eligible including the safety, security and storage of equipment intended to convey a threat of, or deliver, lethal force. The safeguards are met as this activity does not involve training in counter-subversion methods, suppression of political dissidence, or intelligence gathering on political activities, nor does it concern the supply of equipment intended to convey a threat of, or deliver, lethal force, or training in the use of lethal equipment (paragraph 101).